Monday, August 22, 2016

The Long Haul

When I graduated May 2015 with my undergrad degree so many emotions and worries were going through my head. I had a friend tell me as we were waiting to walk out to our graduation ceremony, "Lauren you don't look so happy right now." It wasn't that I was unhappy, I was just worried about my future.

Flash forward.

It is now August 22nd, 2016 and I couldn't be happier with the path I've chosen to take. I landed a job as an assistant manager for the clothing company Hollister it wasn't what I expected it to be at ALL but I made many friends there and also learned so much. I traveled to the Philippines, Yosemite, Laguna Beach, Scotland, Disneyland, Malibu and more! 

I also was accepted to study at Bournemouth University in September! I will be studying MSc in International Hospitality and Tourism Management. Moving for my MSc probably won't be what I expect it to be but I've always liked surprises. 


There were many steps taken to get to where I am now. Some of them were not always easy and lots of them cost me money. However in the end I think it will all be paid back in full after I have my MSc title. So here are my tops steps to follow on your journey...
  2. Buy a notebook to create a check list 
  3. Ask your family and friends for help
  4. Research Accommodation on and off campus
  5. Apply for scholarships 
  6. Start researching Tier 4 Visa requirements 
  7. Apply for FAFSA aka Federal Aid 
  8. Research Banks to use and phone companies to switch to
  9. Pack it all up and say your goodbyes!!!